Each year, I wonder what to add to the Christmas message that will make it stand out, be heard, or be worthy of you coming to hear it and join us in the celebration.  In truth, there is nothing I need to add and everything I need to allow.  I need to allow the beautiful Christ presence in every one of you to shine and to help your light be seen.  I also know that I stand on the shoulders of giants.  The following is a Christmas message from Charles Fillmore, Unity’s co-founder, delivered in 1919:

Christmas is about the birth of the Christ consciousness at the center of the human soul.  It does not belong to the past.  It is a vital, living, present truth.  The bringing forth of the Christ child is not work that was finished in Bethlehem.  It is taking place in our midst every day; it is this that we celebrate.

Christmas is a magical time when we can witness and experience the presence of God on earth.  We feel the heart-opening gift of giving generously while sharing time with family, friends, and the world.  This holiday season, let us endeavor to be and see the face of God in others, for that is truly the best Christmas present that we can give and receive.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!