You are greater than your circumstances.

On Sunday, we spoke about the Third Unity Principle: We create our lives through our thoughts and beliefs.  And while your every thought may not manifest, the thoughts and affirmations that you repeat over and over to yourself calcify into beliefs, and those beliefs combine with emotions to create the lives we life.  If we believe that life is hard, there is not enough, then that is what we will experience.  And if we believe that the Universe is friendly and provides us all that we need and desire, that is what we will experience.

No matter the life you are experiencing, the truth of who you are is always seeking to express itself fully.  You are Divinity defined, Spirit made flesh, and you are greater than any thought or circumstance.  So, no matter where you are today, you can choose to lift your thoughts, your beliefs, and call upon your highest self, your best being.

Join us this Sunday as we continue this journey of abundant living!