Children visualize naturally, for fun.  I watch my children pretend to be frogs, superheroes, princesses, genies, and infants in the span of a few minutes.  They seem to know intuitively that their imagination is a special gift.  Unfortuantely, as we grow up, well-meaning adults in our lives teach us to stop daydreaming, to stop playing and pretending.  Today, science and industry tell us that play and imagination are crucial to health and success, and to experience a whole and vibrant life, we should all play more.

When we play with the spiritual tool of visualization, we can imagine and experience situations we have never encountered before and learn from them.  We can create possibilities that have never existed, but may in the future.  With positive visualization, we can create the positive outcomes we are seeking.

The secret of manifesting the life your heart desires lies in vividly keeping yourself centered in the childlike consciousness of infinite possibility and fun.  For as you synchronize your whole being with possibility, you become the attractive force that brings those very desires into reality.

Join us on Sunday to play with positive visualization!