Abundance in your life does not happen by chance but is in direct relation to your prosperity mindset.  In other words, wealth, peace, health, supportive relationships, and leisure time appear in your life through prosperous thinking.  You have conditioned your mind to the limitations you believe to exist, and you can train it to think prosperously in creative, simple, and delightful ways.

My husband has a quote on his email signature line, “I am paranoid in reverse.  I believe people are conspiring to help me.”  In our society and culture, I believe it is even more critical that we consciously choose to believe that people and the entire universe are conspiring to support us and to help us!

Imagine, if you can for a moment, that the universe and all of the people in your life are all conspiring to help you succeed.  What would you do if you truly believed this?  Would you ask for a promotion?  Would you start your business?  Would you ask that person out on a date?  Would you speak up for yourself at home?

Join us this Sunday at 10:30 and learn some simple steps to shift your prosperity mindset.