The Catholic priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  Our human experience can lead us to believe that we are alone and that we can figure it out on our own – no matter what “it” is.  However, my greatest advances in elevating and growing my consciousness have been in community.

When I arrived at my first Unity service, I saw something I had never encountered before in a spiritual community.  There were people of all races, ages, and sexual orientations.  There was talk of spiritual healing, of God’s love, and a message of hope and positivity.  And the energy in the room was electric, you could feel the collective power.  Eric Butterworth was the minister of that community, and he forever changed my life when I read his book, Discover the Power Within You.

While reading his book was mind-opening, it was the studying of this book, and others, in class, workshops, and in spiritual services that have truly changed my life.  It was the interaction with these ideas with others that enabled me to shift my thinking and my behaviors.

I invite you, in Our Year of Community, to commit to your transformation and renewal by taking advantage of our spiritual services, classes, workshops, retreats, and hospitality.  You have the power to make 2020 the year that changes everything.