Two different fears are circling the media and logged in our minds right now.

The first fear is our fear of death and disease, and it manifests in retraction and decisions to cancel and retreat.  To close ourselves, our borders, and to circle the wagons.

I met a man last night at Unity San Francisco, and we started to chat as he was walking down the stairs.  In 19954, he was diagnosed with MS.  He told me that the Unity way of thinking and prayer allowed him to live an extraordinary life.  Every three months or so, he said, he had to rewire his brain so that his body would continue to function correctly.  He is living his Truth, not the fear of what could or will happen.  As a classic Unity prayer happens, “God is our health, unfailing, quick.”

The second fear is the lack of money.  I watch the news reports and see that many are selling stocks, reassigning assets, and hoarding supplies in reaction to the news about the coronavirus.  Each of these actions makes the financial situation seem ever more dire, and the cycle of panic escalates.  Unity students know another truth; the Universe/God/Spirit is our source.  Not the stock market, not our jobs, not the government.

The world is currently in a torrent of reaction with each new headline carefully designed to elicit a more substantial reaction from you.  What is called for in these kinds of moments of fear is our calm inner knowing of Truth.  Then, we can choose to respond with wisdom and serenity, rather than react in fear and panic.