Our Sunday Service will go on as usual this week, and we invite you to attend and participate in person or by livestream.  In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important that we remain spiritually conscious and lovingly generous.  I am confident that the Unity message will help in these troubling times.  I will be speaking on Quantum Healing, and Rev. DeeAnn will be joining us fresh from the Prayer Retreat.  We have instituted new hand sanitizing procedures and a new Meet and Greet protocol which are designed to keep us all safer.

As of this writing, the CDC regards the San Francisco/Bay Area as being low-risk and is currently only restricting large gatherings of 1,000 people or more.  (We affirm that this might be an issue for us down the road!)  As always, you should make the decision that is best for you and your family, and for our community.  We are here to lend support, fellowship, and to live into our positive spiritual teachings.  As this situation is rapidly changing, we will keep in communication with you.  Please look to our website, Facebook page, and our emails for more information.