There is a reality that we are all sharing right now, and we all experience this shared experience in different ways at different times.  As Rev. DeeAnn spoke about last week, we are all moving through the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.  Our path through these emotions is not linear or sequential.  We may go through all of them in a day, hour, or a conversation, and we may linger on one stage for some time.  The great thing to know is that we will go through them, and I believe that we will be better for them.

I would like to suggest, as we travel this road together, that we begin to imagine what it is we want to see and who we want to be at the end of this particular journey.  In other words, acknowledge that we will make it through this, and consciously and purposefully commit to a clear vision for our collective future.  In this way, we can make every step along the way meaningful and have a reason for bounding back from every setback.

I look forward to speaking with you this Sunday as we talk about how to “Go the Distance!”