While the nation debates the possibility of coming back to work and reopening, I believe that it is time that we plan to come out spiritually.  “Spiritual” means many different things to people, but for me, the idea is simple: we are spiritual when we acknowledge and make choices based on knowing that there is something greater than ourselves.

To come out spiritually, then, would be to consider how our lives are better when we find time to connect with the One Power (which certainly qualifies as greater than ourselves) in whatever form serves us best: prayer, meditation, Service, a hike in the woods.  Then, we must make decisions not only on our  own self-interest, but consider how those choices will affect others.  Even those we don’t know and will never see.

When we live as spiritual beings having a human experience, the world is blessed by our interactions with it.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!