I would like nothing better than to go back to “normal” right now.  I want to go back to the normal of dropping the kids off at school and daycare, rushing to work and getting stuck in a traffic jam.  Working all day and then rushing to pick them up, getting everyone home, and making dinner.  After dinner, getting them bathed and ready for bed, having a tickle fight, arguing about bedtime, reading books, and getting them to sleep.  Then, to clean up the house, spend a few minutes or an hour with my husband, watch something on TV, and then collapse before it starts all over again the next day.  The crazy part is that it sounds good to me right now.

I learned long ago that 100% of my pain is caused by my belief that something should not be the way that it is.  In other words, my discomfort stems from the fact that I am longing for a future that doesn’t look like the present.  In these moments, I am in a hell of my own making, unable o unwilling to accept reality as it is, declining to accept the present as a gift (pun intended).

This Sunday, I will be speaking about the abundance of this present moment, and how we can transform the present into the gift that we want.  Then, join us at 3:00 PM PDT for our 10-week prosperity class, Absolute Abundance: Metamorphosis.  See you Sunday!