I wanted to take this opportunity to write you about the plan that the Board of Trustees and I have agreed upon to prepare us for the day that we can hold Service at our Page Street home again.  I have been in weekly consultation with Unity World Headquarters, many other Unity communities across the nation, and our regional representatives to determine what are the best pollicies and practices.  Of course, the California and San Francisco guidelines will be a crucial part of our decisions.

Starting this week and as we move into June, we will be filming more and more of our Sunday Services in the Sanctuary at Page Street.  As you know, I have been able to shoot my Sunday talks there during Shelter in Place by filming myself, and then by using our Livestream cameras with a distance operator.  We are now in the process of moving the music team to the sanctuary, as you might have noticed in last week’s Service.  We are observing social distancing uidelines, wearing masks when not on camera, and properly sanitizing all equipment.  Safety and sustainability are always on our minds.

Our goal is to slowly move the whole Sunday team toward filming the Service at Page Street, although certain elements and individuals may still be filmed offsite.  Safety and sustainability are our key guidelines as we come back to Page Street.  When the time is right, we look forward to inviting you to join us in person for a Sunday Service.  There is no firm timeline as to when all of this will happen, but we are taking small steps each week, learning and adapting as we move forward.

This Sunday, after Service, we will hold a Town Hall meeting where we will discuss all of our plans in greater detail.  Please join us if you can.