Eight years ago, at a minister’s discussion group, I had the great fortune to meet DeeAnn.  That meeting forever changed my life.  DeeAnn and I were both new to the communities we were serving, and we both had that newcomer energy.  You know, the kind where we knew we could turn the world upside down if they would only let us!  So, of course, we hit it off from the get-go.  We both ended up leaving the communities we were serving, and it was our good fortune that DeeAnn joined us at Unity San Francisco.  Together, we have done so many things we have long dreamed about, and having a partner in this journey not only made it easier, in many ways it made it possible.  Grateful!

At the time, DeeAnn held an interfaith ordination from One Spirit Seminary in New York.  The road to her Unity ordination, of which I have the honor of officiating, has not been an easy one.  She has had to navigate the complex systems of two different credentialining processes in Unity and devote ovr five years to the process.  Through it all, she remained willing.  Willing to do whatever was required, because she knew the rewards in the process.  Don’t get me wrong; she did complain, but usually only to Chris and me, and then she kept on going!  For that, I am grateful.

Now that this chapter is ending and a new one is beginning, I can reflect on the fantastic gifts that DeeAnn has brought to our community and me, andy I look forward to the magnificent adventures we have ahead of us.  The best is yet to be!  Grateful for you, Rev. DeeAnn!