This Sunday is Gay Pride Sunday, and pride cannot be canceled!  Much has changed in the Gay Pride movement since the Stonewall uprising over 50 years ago in NYC, where patrons at a local bar fought back against police oppression and brutality.  Those marginalized and courageous transgender and queer men and women of all races were following in the footsteps of some equally brave sisters and brothers from the Compton Cafeteria here in San Francisco.

This week, around the globe, people are celebrating Pride and continue to march and protest for our brothers and sisters of color.  You don’t have to be a member of the LGBTQ community to be a part of Pride.  We are all God’s unique expression here on earth, even though sometimes our unique expression is not honored.  We can all stand up for ourselves with pride.

The world has shifted because a small group of brave individuals 50 years ago courageously stood up and said, “I was born this way, and I am God’s magnificent creation!”  Join us this Sunday as we all step into that power!