Willingness is the most significant spiritual gift we can give ourselves and the world.  Willing to admit that we don’t have all the answers, the desire to learn, seeking to see situations from a different perspective.  Open enough to be vulnerable, ready to step outside our comfort zone, and, most importantly, willing to forgive.  Forgive ourselves and forgive others.

Forgiveness is a process, not a destination, which means that there will always be more forgiving to do.  This is why, in the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus is asked how many times I must forgive my brother, his answer is, “Seventy times seventy.”  Contained in this statement is an understanding of human nature that our modern psychiatrists just now understand.  The process of forgiveness is a daily, sometimes hourly, practice that brings about a fundamental change in our consciousness and in our lives.

Being willing is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and it is not easy.  That is why we do it together in this spiritual community.  I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday as we speak about and experience forgiveness.