This week’s blog has been provided by Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency, the Associate Minister of Unity San Francisco.

Rev. Ken is on vacation.

It is a joy to be back with all of you after taking some vacation time to relax and unwind.  As my time off approached, I have to admit to a lot of excitement tinged with a bit of anxiety.  What would it be like to unhook myself from the patterns, habits, and energy that had built up over more than three months?  How would I go from basically working 7 days a week to not working at all?  My time off was deeply nourishing, and it was also deeply challenging as I navigated the big question: Now what to do with myself?!

In every moment, we are all being invited to expand our consciousness – to evolve, grow, and continually live into our Divine Nature to the best of our ability.  It is an ongoing process of letting go of what was so that we may welcome what is emerging.  My month away provided me with a perfect opportunity to get quiet and listen.  And, ultimately, it asked me to be willing to let go of what had sustained me until that moment.  To make room for something new to make itself known.

This Sunday, I will speak to “Out with the Old” – making space for new beginnings, and in two weeks, I will speak to “In with the New” – how to welcome nourishing new ideas.  Join me for this two-part series as we dive into a powerful regenerative process of Expanding Consciousness.