This week’s blog has been provided by Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency, the Associate Minister of Unity San Francisco.

Rev. Ken is on vacation.

There has been so much in the news this week, an explosion in Beirut, a plane crash in India, and the continued rise in Covid-19 cases in the United States and around the globe to name a few.  It is in times such as this that I am so grateful for our spiritual principles.  They are concrete and solid, supporting an understanding that I can stand in and meet whatever may be arising in the world around me.  As I feel myself impacted emotionally, mentally and even physically by the events of the world, I am continually invited into a lifelong practice of holding the loss, the fear, and the uncertainty with an awareness of Oneness and Wholeness.  It is an opportunity to remind myself of my true nature, of the love that is everywhere present – expressing as all that there is.  I get to consciously call myself home and be a place of love, a space of compassion.
This week we have a very special guest speaker,  Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck who will speak to the power of love and what it means to be an apocaloptimist.  The urban dictionary describes an apocaloptimist as someone who knows things are going south but knows that somehow it will all work out.   To me this really speaks to the Unity perspective.  We don’t deny what is, while we continually anchor and live into the Divine Potential that is always expressing.   Our practice is to compassionately grow our capacity to do just that.   In addition to being our guest speaker, Paul will also be offering a Metaphysical Romp Workshop on Sunday afternoon and a week long dive into the Twelve Powers, both are powerful ways to expand and grow your practice and your consciousness.