I am aware of a great paradox in our lives right now.  We are living in unprecedented times, and massive changes are happening everywhere around us.  At the same time, nothing is changing, and we are in the same pattern month after month.

Similarly, we have massively shifted how we interact as a spiritual community and found some beautiful blessings in the change.  However, I know that many of you long for the experience of our in-person services and classes, and I promise we will be back as soon as it is safe to do so.

To accomplish this, we have shifted some things over the last month.  We now film all of our music on a separate evening and then embed it in our Livestream to minimize the risk of airborne contamination.  With this change, when the virus levels in our area are low enough, we will be able to invite you to attend services in-person.

We are also pressing ahead with our renovation plans, and I have a big announcement!  The city approved our plans for renovating the organ, and we have donated the pipe organ to an artist community in Ohio, who will use it in their arts education programs.  Work to carefully dismantle and pack the organ is ongoing as I write this, and next week, it will be on its way to Ohio!

With all the changes and all the unknowns in our world right now, there remain many constants.  Among them is that Unity San Francisco is dedicated to making your lives better and sharing our positive spiritual teachings with the world.  Now more than ever, we all need spiritual community.

If there is any way we can help you or if there is a way you would like to serve others through Unity, please connect with us here at the office.