There is a lot of movement going on here at Page Street!  As you saw in last weeks Service, the organ has moved and we restored the old organ space to move our platform into that area.  This is where the platform will be after renovation, and we will start using it this week.  We are interviewing contractors and consultants to get the renovation underway, and we expect to enter the permitting process in October.  At that time, we will schedule a Town Hall Meeting (on Zoom) so that we can show you the new plans and get your feedback and input.

In addition, we are continuing to make plans and are getting ready for those of you who want to attend Services here at Page Street.  October 4th is our tentative target date, as I am still waiting for final guidance from the City of San Francisco.  In the meantime, I am speaking with the staff, and we are doing our due diligence to ensure your safety.  Everyone attending Services at Unity San Francisco, during this time, will always be required to wear a mask and sign up in advance.  Our website and the signup form will have a list of requirements and expectations so that we are clear about our intention to love and respect each other.

There are so many exciting and wonderful things going on here.  Stay tuned for more updates!