Last week, we had our first invited audience Service since mid-March.  Thank you to all who participated, both online and in person!  Our goal is to create a genuinely interactive experience where both groups can interact and share the Sunday experience while keeping everyone safe.  As we all know, COVID-19 has accelerated our progress toward long-held goals in many areas.

This week, we will institute an interactive Meet and Greet on Zoom!  We are looking for a small group of participants who can hold a Zoom Room event on their phone or other device while also watching our Livestream at home.  If you want to participate in this test, please write to us at and help us out this Sunday at 11:00 AM>

This week, I will be speaking about celebrating the truth of who you are, no matter what others may think, say, or do!  Join us for an exciting Sunday experience.  To attend in person, please sign up by using the button on the Virtual Service Offerings page.