The live and in-person services have been going very smoothly, thanks to the staff who have worked hard for months to make this possible.  The energy of coming together has been a big lift for the ministers and staff, and attendees report how much they appreciate being back in the room where it happens!

Our first attempt at a real-time meet and greet worked well enough that we are ready to expand it.  You can now meet in the Spiritual Salon at 10:50 (the link is below the livestreaming window on the website, or in the description of the description of the Facebook and YouTube videos) to chat with your friends before Service.  Then, during the Service itself, we will have an extended meet and greet with only instrumental music.  That way, we can all share a couple of words of greeting.  During True Colors, you can join us in the Salon once again for “hospitality” time before moving into our Spiritual Salon, 10 minutes after the Service ends.  Our goal is to give you more opportunities to connect in real time on Sunday mornings.

We also have a new stained glass window going in this week!  I met with the building architects in person today and went over all the details as we move toward permitting.  We will hold a Town Hall Meeting on November 1st so that we can bring you all up to date on the designs.  We will also set up some interactive sessions in which you can help us make choices on flooring, wall coverings, paint, and furniture.

See you on Sunday!