This Sunday, we will honor Día de los Muertos and all of our ancestors.  This holiday in the United States has historically focused on children and their experience.  Of course, there are always costume parties to celebrate our inner child.  This year, this holiday will have to be marked differently and creatively.  At our Sunday Service, we will celebrate the spiritual legacy of all of those who came before us and the wosdom and legacies they passed on to us.

We now have several different ways for you to participate in real-time: You can show up for our pre-Service gathering, join the meet and greet during Service, and stay after for our hospitality time.  You can enter all of these events by clicking the Spiritual Salon button on the website, and you can learn more about these activities by reading the information below.  You can also sign up and join us in the sanctuary for our socially distanced in-person experience.

After Service, at 12:20, we will start our Town Hall meeting to catch you up on the progress we are making on our building renovations and give you a brief overview of our finances.

Interactive Virtual Service Elements

Due to the overwhelming demand and incredible success of our brand new, real-time Meet and Greet experience, we are now ready to expand the opportunity to the whole community.

Before Service

Participants can now meet using the Spiritual Salon link (found below the livestreaming video window on the website, or in the description of the Facebook and YouTube videos) starting at 10:50 AM to chat with your friends before Service.

Meet and Greet

Then, during the Service itself, we will have an extended meet and greet with only instrumental music.  That way, we can share a couple of words of greeting between our community members who have gathered online and those who are at Sunday Service in the Sanctuary at 240 Page Street.

After Service

Afterward, during True Colors, you can rejoin us using the Salon link once again to enjoy a bit of “hospitality” time before moving into our Spiritual Salon, 10 minutes after the Service ends.  Our goal is to provide you with more opportunities to connect in real time on Sunday mornings.

If this is your first time participating, or if you would like to try out the experience before joining on Sundays, we have created an opportunity for you to practice with a member of our tech team.  Simply send us an email at and we will be in touch with you shortly to set up a meeting time.