I have been thinking a lot about the current divisions in our country.  How polarized and judgmental we have become!  As I write this sentence, I can hear the voices screaming in my head, “No, it’s the other guys!”  If a couple walked into my office for relationship counseling and spoke the way we talk about politicians we oppose or people who vote for them, I would start their work with listening exercises.

We need to do the same, if we want to move past the partisan gridlock and finally create a more perfect union.  In that case, we must learn why people feel disenchanted and angry, why they discount the things we hold dear, and work to build a new relationship – a relationship based on a level of respect and compassion.

What a novel concept!  Let’s apply our spiritual principles in our politics and treat each other as Divinity in expression.  Join us this Sunday as I take your questions live and in person.