Charles and Myrtle Fillmore founded Unity as a spiritual healing movement in 1887.  It was an oasis of hope for people suffering from diseases the world thought incurable.  In the hundred and thirty-three years since our founding, medical science has advanced so far that things once thought miracles are now standard medical treatments.  Right now, we stand at the cusp of one of the most remarkable breakthroughs in medicine.  The COVID-19 vaccine, created in record time, will likely be approved next week, and the light of hope is beginning to appear to our eyes.

Yes, at the same time, our communities are experiencing unthinkable levels of infection and death; the darkness we are seeing can feel overwhelming.  That is why it is so important that we remember our spiritual teachings during the pandemic; we are the creators of our lives and our experiences by what we think and what we believe.  What we do individually is essential, but this pandemic has also shown us that what we do together in affirmative prayer, meditation, and service are needed more than ever.  Now, while the end is just beginning to appear, we can hold the light up in the sea of darkness.

Because of the rising levels of infection, the City of San Francisco has closed Houses of Worship to the public.  We will continue to stream our Sunday Services live from Page Street on Sunday mornings at 11:00 AM.  Mark your calendars, join us in real time, and participate in our interactive Service as we come together to hold the healing of every individual and our planet in consciousness.  Your presence, your voice, your consciousness is needed now more than ever.


Rev. Ken