Just in time for Christmas, we are proud to announce that we have taken a big step in our ability to create a genuinely interactive and socially distanced Sunday Service.  You can now log into our Spiritual Salon before Service to say hi to your friends, chat, and catch up, then stay right where you are to experience our full livestreamed Service on Zoom.  While there, you will be able to participate in our interactive meet and greet without having to jump back and forth to the website or YouTube.  You can then stay for a chat with us afterward, and, of course, join the Spiritual Salon discussion.

We have purchased a new piece of equipment to keep our multi-camera livestream and utilize Zoom’s interactive nature.  We hope to continue to build ways for you to engage with us as we launch new features regularly.  For example, on Christmas Eve, you can participate in our candlelight caroling Service with all of your Unity friends in real time.

Of course, you can still access our livestream on our webpage, YouTube, and Facebook – this just gives us one more way to connect with you during these days of physical distance.  Join us this Sunday as we launch this new experience and celebrate Christmas!