Merry Christmas!  I am gratefull to be able to share those words with you this year.  After all we have gone through, the loss and pain, the separation and anxiety, it is time to remember and celebrate all that we have and all that we are.  You are a magnificent expression of Divine life, born as the original bllessing and here on Earth to share your love and your presence with the world.  Your true nature can never be diminished or extinguished.  I am proud to know you and honored to be part of this community as we lift each other and the planet up during this crisis.

This Thursday evening at 6:00, we will light the Advent wreath one more time and celebrate the birth of the Christ nature in the human soul with our Caroling and Candlelighting Service.  Please join us to raise our voices and raise consciousness.  For that is what we are indeed here to do!