As you read this, companies and nations are preparing and positioning themselves for the end of this pandemic.  At the same time, they are preparing for what will come next.  Have you given it much thought?  Have you made a list of the people that you want to hug, the face-to-face conversations you need to have, the places you want to travel?  What about the world you want to inhabit?  Where will you spend your precious time and resources?

2021 will be a year of regeneration, an opportunity to recreate, reconceive, and re-establish.  We can enter this time more conscious of what we are creating with our words, thoughts, and activities.  We can rewrite what has been, telling mountains to move and reaching for the long-held dreams.  So many things have been on hold for the last eleven months – now is the time to reclaim our lives’ vision.

Join us this Sunday as I talk about A Year of Regeneration!