One of the songs that we frequently use in our Sunday Services is Karen Drucker’s Gratitude.  In it, we sing, “Gratitude within me, gratitude all around me,” which perfectly describes how I feel right now.  Last week was one of the most difficult for my family, and it was also one of the best.  Our children’s teacher was exposed to COVID-19 at her home, and then my husband, JD, went in for an emergency appendectomy.  With both little kids at home and JD in the hospital, my only choice was to surender and accept – accept help, let go of work, and be present to what my family needed.

Each step of the way, angels arrived, things got done, and healing took place.  We are COVID-free, JD is well and getting stronger every day, and, by Sunday, I was able to sit down ith him and watch our Unity Service!  What a gift!  Many thanks to Rev. DeeAnn, Rev. Charline, Misa, Jessica, and all the staff who gave us such a rich spiritual gift.

Gratitude all around me and within me!