On Sunday, we will be looking at “The Spiritual Lessons of Dear Evan Hansen!” For the first time since early 2020, we will have our Sounds of Unity Choir back with us at Unity San Francisco. They will be joined by a fantastic team of singers and musicians as we explore the music and life lessons from this story!
You may have seen some publicity about the new movie version and heard some of the online controversies around this show. I think the online discussion and, frankly, the negativity directed at the piece is part of the larger narrative and point of the story. As a society, we shame and blame those who are different and don’t fit in. And when they stumble and make mistakes we are quick to point out how they could have done better, rather than honoring their efforts and struggle.
Sunday, we will talk about how to build a more loving and compassionate community and world.
Join us and bring a friend or two!