I am grateful for each one of you! Your love and support have shaped my life in profound and meaningful ways. Nine years ago, I started on this journey as your minister, and together we have grown in unexpected ways, tempered by circumstances beyond our control. We have shared the grief of saying goodbye to people who have left the city, this community, or their earthly bodies.     

Recently at a retreat, someone whom I had not seen for over six years commented on how much I had changed and grown. I thanked them and acknowledged that the work we do together in this community has enriched my spiritual journey and made me a new person. I am profoundly grateful for who I was; It got me here. And grateful to be changed at my core so I can become all that I am meant to be.  

As we enter this next phase of our lives together, we get to choose how we will shape the journey. Our Unity teachings show us that we are the creators of our experience. The universe delivers a new outcome when we change our entrenched beliefs and behaviors. So, this Sunday, we will dive again into Dr. Joe Dispensza’s work, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.  

Bring yourself and a friend or two!