Ten years ago, when I first came to Unity San Francisco, it was a different world. Sunday service was primarily an in-person celebration, and our technology was primarily about that in-person Sunday experience. 

 A decade ago, we recorded the talks on CD and sold the CDs after the service. Today we offer a multi-sensory service instantly available on the web and in zoom. And music, talks, and meditations that are curated and archived on our website.  A YouTube channel that is available to you 24/7 and technology to keep us connected to our community wherever they are and wherever we travel. 

While there is no substitute for being here in person for one of our Sunday services, we aim to improve our technology and be prepared and positioned for the next ten years of innovation both online and in the sanctuary.  We have had great success in the first two weeks of our Capital Campaign, receiving donations and pledges of $ 42,000.  We are almost there; help us realize our goal to make our online service as exciting and compelling as our Page Street experience!  Click the link below to make a pledge. 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for every donation!