Jesus. His name has echoed through the halls of history for over two millennia, inspiring countless individuals and movements. Yet, despite his profound impact on human culture, his true message has been obscured by the very institutions that claim to represent him. Nations, religious organizations, and patriarchal hierarchies have all co-opted his teachings, seeking to wield his power for their own gain. But the Jesus of Nazareth would not recognize the religion that has been constructed around his legacy.

This Sunday, we invite you to join us in a journey of discovery, to peel back the layers of myth and dogma that have clouded the true message of this great teacher. Together, we will strip away the trappings of institutionalized religion to resurrect the religion of Jesus – a simple and powerful message of love, compassion, and radical inclusivity.

If you have grown disillusioned with traditional religion, or are simply seeking a deeper understanding of this enigmatic figure, we invite you to join our book study and service. Through the lens of Unity perspective, we will explore the relevance of Jesus’ teachings to our lives in the 21st century, and discover the great example that he set for all humanity. This is an opportunity to connect with the heart of the man from Nazareth, to experience his message in its purest form, and to find inspiration for your own journey towards spiritual enlightenment.