Often, we limit our thinking and vision to what is considered normal and acceptable, hindering our potential for success. However, true success lies in embracing our unique and unrestricted power of imagination. This is why Step One of the Steps of Manifestation is to Name and Claim our Dreams.

Our perception of the world is not objective but rather subjective and based on our beliefs. By becoming aware of our beliefs, we can use the power of visualization to imagine a new world and a better future for ourselves.

Rather than focusing on our current reality, we could choose to nurture the practice of imagination and create a better version of ourselves and a brighter future through daydreaming and visualization. We can’t change the external world until we change our perception of it, a change that makes all the difference.

To harness the amazing power of visualization, focus on seeing things rightly rather than making things right. This shift in perspective is transformative and will lead to a better future for ourselves and others.

Join us this Sunday as we begin to create a new heaven on earth!