Reflecting on my diverse careers and jobs, I can discern a clear pattern that aligns with the expression of my soul. Throughout my journey, I have always been drawn to work that acknowledges and transforms the human experience. It begs the question: What does your soul beckon you to do or become?

 When I refer to the soul, I am referring to the profound connection between your eternal spirit and your persona. It encompasses the intangible and everlasting aspect of human existence that transcends physical boundaries. Yet, it goes beyond that—it encompasses the yearning you feel to reach higher, delve deeper, and express more fully.

During my time in the New York Theatre scene, I found myself irresistibly drawn to productions that shed light on the human experience, leaving the audience with a fresh or heightened understanding. Similarly, in my current role at Unity San Francisco, I lead a diverse team as we create spaces, rituals, and educational opportunities that enable people to explore their authentic selves and bear witness to the transformative journeys of others. Even in my work as a public speaking coach, I measure my success by how effectively I assist my clients in discovering and expressing their truest selves.

Have you felt the pull to create something new in your life? I encourage you to reflect on your own journey through various careers, jobs, and passions. What patterns do you notice? What motivated you to make the choices you did along the way? What is calling you today? Then, join us this Sunday as we delve deeper and explore further with Lysa Allman Baldwin and her workshop, Stepping Into Your Power!