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Absolute Abundance:

In Person or Online

September 10 – October 22
1:30-3:30 PM PT

 Do you have enough money?
Do you have enough time?
Are your relationships working?
Is your work satisfying? How is your physical health?
Interested in improving ANY of these areas?

Our new 8-week course for advanced prosperity students provides the tools to break through any self-imposed glass ceilings, and the blueprints to create a life of great abundance! This course is for students who are comfortable with tithing and are willing to dive deep into the personal shadow work necessary to take the big leap to their highest potential.

Rev. Ken Daigle has taken our New Thought prosperity teachings to a new level by incorporating the works of Gay Hendricks, Adam Grant, Brené Brown, and Joe Dispenza, among others. Together, we will dive into the Quantum Field and look at how the newly emerging science complements and amplifies our teachings while also utilizing amazing breakthroughs and understandings in phycology and social science.

Flight is a tithing course; advanced registration is required (click button below).

Registration Info:
You MUST register at the button below. After registering, you’ll receive an automatic email containing (1) the link to purchase the electronic course materials , and (2) the Zoom link for those who will be attending virtually, which will be the same for each class session. Please save this email!

If you have any questions, please contact