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Capital Campaign: A/V Renovation Needs

Mac Studio: $5,200

This computer would run our streaming and new presentation software. It would allow for high quality streams while also increasing the immersive experience of our hybrid services.

Atem TV Studio Pro: $3,245

The TV Studio will be our main camera switcher. It will allow us to have smoother, more controlled camera changes and movements, and it will allow us to make color corrects and other video edits real time.

Shure QLXD24 Wireless Mic System:

These would be our main singer mics. The package supports up to 4 singers, would allow them to be more free without cables, and is often used in a variety of profession settings. Having a single unified system across both singer and speaker mics prevents dropouts and distortion.

Shure QLXD “Speaker” Mic package:

These would be our main speaker mics. The package supports up to 4 speakers and includes:
– 4 Shure QLXD1 packs
– 4 Shure ALXD4 Receivers
– 4 Shure MX153T/O mics

Having a single unified system across both singer and speaker mics prevents dropouts and distortion.

Mic RF Distribution Antennas: $1,520

Our increased mic system will need a Antennas to help distribute signals and prevent dropouts. This system will help with that.

d&b audiotechnik Speaker System:

We want to upgrade our speaker system to both help us achieve a higher quality sound, and to cover more areas of the church building. This system includes:
– 2 10S-D Speakers for our Mains
– 2 24-C Collum Speakers
– 1 27S-Sub Subwoofer
– 1 30D Speaker Amplifier

You can support all or part of this system.

Monitor and TV Screen: $2500

We are looking to get both a new LG 86″ TV Screen to use as a larger confidence montor for people on stage, and a computer monitor to work in junction with our new Mac Studio.

New A/V Booth: $5,000

A new A/V Booth will be built, allowing ease of storage & access, as well as installing audio/video cable runs underneath the floor of the sanctuary.

Outside Display Screen: $5,000

We are going to install a TV Screen into a street facing window. This will act as a message & announcement board to the community.