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Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Rev. DeeAnn shares some remarks about the significance of the
Conscious Commitment Campaign

You’re invited!

We bring into existence what we first conceive.  Our consciousness enables us to dare to dream at an individual level; yet collectively, our consciousness as a community allows us to attain higher and higher levels in our lives.

Unity San Francisco provides a unique spiritual community for those who attend services, participate in classes, and view our online lessons.  For over a century, Unity San Francisco has made a difference for San Franciscans seeking what Unity provides.  We benefit today from the foresight and stewardship of those who preceded us.  Hundreds of individuals support our efforts each year through their giving of time, talent, and treasure.  It takes $395,000 each year to keep our doors open and ministries vibrant; that’s almost $7,600 per week.

Regular giving is a key component of our teaching.  This year, we are inviting those who are members or who regularly attend Unity San Francisco to commit to their projected giving for 2021.  By determining, documenting, and sharing our commitment, we affirm what we want in our lives.  Further, this level of commitment enables the Board and staff of Unity San Francisco to plan and dream with an understanding of what can be expected from the community.

The measure of our combined and individual giving commitments will be the roadmap for the future of our spiritual community for the year ahead and the future beyond.  We teach at Unity that everything we need can be found by looking within; at a community level, we believe that, too – everything we need to further the mission of Unity San Francisco for 2021 can be found within the giving of those who belong or regularly attend our spiritual center.

What’s possible for Unity San Francisco in 2021 begins with your Conscious Commitment

Step into your commitment for 2021

We are all on a journey of discovery at Unity San Francisco.  We invite you to consider your prior commitment to Unity San Francisco, and, for 2021, to consider increasing your commitment.

The decision to commit to Unity San Francisco is a very personal one.  No one can make that decision for you.  As you approach the decision, we invite you to consider what Unity San Francisco has provided you in the past, and also what you hope to receive in the year ahead.  By making a conscious commitment, you commit to the path that supports, nurtures, and challenges your spiritual growth.