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Hospitality Pledge

We here at Unity San Francisco are unwavering committed to making every Sunday a truly exceptional experience. Sometimes we have to choose between the many great activities in our community. This past Sunday, we made an announcement: After careful consideration, fueled by both our volunteer pool and budgetary deliberations, we arrived at a strategic decision: Starting September, we will stop Hospitality on the 4th Sunday of each month.
We understand that this transition may evoke a mix of emotions, as change often does. But we want you to know that this decision was reached with deep thought and a sincere desire to ensure that all our departments continue to thrive without budgetary strain.
The excitement amplifies here: One of our remarkable community members stepped into the spotlight this past Sunday with a proposition that can elevate our Hospitality initiative to new heights. A beacon of generosity, they have extended a gracious matching pledge to contribute $300 every month to Hospitality. But here’s the inspiring twist: Our generous donor is asking us to match the $300 collectively. So any amount you can pledge to give monthly will help us get to that total of $300.
This is where you come in, dear champions of Unity, you can help by:
•       Join the Pledge: We invite you to consider a monthly financial pledge that will augment what you already give and empower Hospitality to touch more lives. Your contribution and the matching pledge will be nothing short of transformative. Let’s ensure that our other invaluable departments continue to shine while Hospitality flourishes.
•       Extend Your Heart and Hands by Volunteering: The soul of Hospitality lies not just in monetary support but also in the genuine connections we forge through volunteer service. We extend an open invitation to become a part of the Hospitality team. Imagine the joy of dedicating just one Sunday a month to spread smiles, forge connections, and make a meaningful impact.
We understand you might have questions, thoughts, or ideas. Please know that we’re here for you – feel free to reach out to us in the office at
As we stand at the crossroads of possibility and community strength, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your incredible role in making Unity San Francisco a haven of belonging and shared purpose.
Thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for the light you bring into our community. We create Sundays with shades of togetherness that leave an indelible mark.
With profound gratitude,
Rev. Ken