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Jesus for the Nonreligious

Who was Jesus of Nazareth

Mark: Secret Agent Man

A look at the different interpretations of the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. In this talk, we look at how each culture has appropriated Jesus’ teaching and adapted Jesus’ image for their upliftment. We begin this service with a look at the Gospel of Mark; the first Gospel was written in about 50 CE. The Jesus in Mark is different in many ways chief among them, he tells people who recognize his identity to tell no one who he truly is. Why does the author of Mark write this into the Jesus mythology

Who was Jesus of Nazareth

Matthew: The Jewish Jesus

In this talk, we examine the second Gospel written, Matthew. Now while Matthew the disciple did not write this account of the life of Jesus, we know that this Gospel was written by a Jewish follower of the teachings of Jesus in about 70 CE. Some 40 years after Jesus’s death. We also know at this person was writing his account to the Jewish followers of Jesus, a sect of Judaism in Palestine. His account portrays Jesus as the New Moses, who has come to save his people from bondage and lead them to the New Promised Land

Who was Jesus of Nazareth

Luke: The Hippie Jesus

The Gospel of Luke was written sometime between 70 and 80 CE. possibly 50 years after the death of Jesus of Nazareth. In those 50 years, the teaching and the community of Jesus had spread to much of the Roman world. Many pagan people were drawn to the teaching, and the author, again not the disciple Luke, describes Jesus for all people, Jews, Gentiles, rich and poor. Jesus is the common man who was raised to bring us all up to God. In this narrative, Jesus is born in a stable and worshiped by angels. He taught all people, men, women, Jews, and Samaritans, and even when facing death, he preached forgiveness. Listen to learn more about Jesus, who states: Blessed are the poor!

Who was Jesus of Nazareth

John: The Cosmic Christ

The Gospel of John was written in 95-100 CE. some 70 years after Jesus’ ministry on earth. The Author of this Gospel describes a supernatural being who was with God in heaven, descended to earth to save us from our sins, and was fully aware of his destiny and mission. Mark, Matthew, and Luke are called the Synoptic Gospels because they tell a very similar story. John has stories, saying, and miracles that appear in no other Gospel