LGBTQ+ at Unity San Francisco

Let the Truth of You Stand for Itself

As a spiritually conscious community, Unity San Francisco believes that all people are created with inherent sacred worth – no one exists outside of the Divine.  

In Unity, we believe God is absolute good, and because all people exist within and as part of this divine energy, each of us is also inherently good.

The Unity movement is open and welcoming of all individuals inclusive of race, color, gender, age, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical disability or sexual orientation.

A Message from Rev. Ken

Senior Minister, Unity San Francisco

“I discovered Unity during the AIDS crisis when the spiritual teachings of the healing power within me were crucial to my very survival.  The spiritual lessons I learned here have propelled my life to places I could not even imagine.  I stay because in Unity I found a community that celebrates me and calls me up higher.  Where I can be and explore my whole self; gay, HIV+, spiritual seeker, husband, father, and minister.”

LGBTQ+ in Unity

Unity not only welcomes LGBTQ members and visitors in its centers but happily ordains LGBTQ ministers and credentials lay people as licensed Unity teachers. Start on the path of spiritual discovery with workshops through Spiritual Explorers, or find out more about Unity teaching and ministry from Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.

Unity has a long history of performing commitment ceremonies, supported marriage equality, and immediately began performing legal ceremonies when marriage equality passed.

You will see every beautiful kind of family at our centers, events, and spaces. Unity San Francisco regularly performs commitment ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, and vow renewals for any couple.


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