Life Visioning Practice Group

With Tylor Krueger, Prayer Chaplain

Mondays, June 7 – 28

5:00-6:00 PM

Love offerings appreciated

Zoom link to be sent after registration. Virtual drop-ins welcome!
This practice group will use the Life Visioning Questions, a guided meditative inquiry process created by Rev. Michael Beckwith (Agape International).  We will practice becoming still and you will be guided into quietly asking, “What is the Highest Vision of My Life?”  Our practice will be to remain quietly receptive as we gently ask the Life Visioning Questions, such as:
1) What is the Highest Vision of My Life?
2) Who must I be & become to match this vision?
3) What must I release to match this vision?
4) What must I embrace to match this vision?
5) What else can I know about this vision?
Time is provided to write down whatever images/feelings you receive.  At the end, individuals are invited to share what they received.  Visioning can be done alone at any time, or practiced with others.
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