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Elevated Life Yoga

Metaphysics III: The Basic Toolkit for Living

with Rev. Paul Hasselbeck
July 3rd,   1:30 – 3:30 pm
July 5th – 7th,   6 – 8 pm
July 9th,   10 am – 12 pm

$100 for the whole series
$25 to drop in (one class)

Available for SEE credit!


In-person and via Zoom at Unity SF

Join Rev. Paul Hasselbeck, the author of Heart Centered Metaphysics as we explore the Basic Toolkit for Living. Rev. Paul Hasselbeck is a dynamic and innovative leader in the field of Unity Metaphysics, don’t miss this opportunity to study in person or on zoom with the teachers’ teacher!

Metaphysics 3 tackles the subjects of, The Four Levels of Consciousness, The Power of the Word, Denials and Affirmations, Creation, and The Twelve Powers. This is your chance to dive into the Unity Teachings and jumpstart your life