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Raffle # 1

Cowl twist scarf handmade by Cindy,Hair coloring by Calli, Ragazza restaurant, San Francisco Opera tickets, Hand knitted socks by Unity knitting student Lorie, Art of India Asia book, Breathwork with Christian De La Huerta (1 ticket)

Raffle # 2

Personal trainer with Alex Craig, Hat by Unity knitting student Lorie, Breathwork with Christian De La Huerta (1 ticket), Marble pedestals (on display) and dinner at Tartine Manufacturing restaurant

Raffle # 3

Lessons at Melifolla Dance Studio, Haircut, styling, and conditioning by Dale Lancaster, Palmyra Syrian restaurant, Hand-knitted cowl scarf by Cindy, Wooden Lazy Susan and Paintings in the Uffizi

Raffle # 4

 San Francisco Playhouse, Palmyra Syrian restaurant, Tartine cookbook, The Quilted Planet: A Sourcebook of Quilts from Around the World, Socks by Unity knitting student Lorie and a Hula Experience Gift Package from Na Lei Hulu

Raffle # 5

Five books authored by our very own Allen Klein, Stretch Lab, Ragazza restaurant, The Future is Now opera event,Hand-knitted scarf by our very own Cindy Lavorato, and a Sparkly Clown

Raffle # 6

New Conservatory Theatre Center, Local Food Wheel  (on display), Marble pedestals (on display), Knitted hat by our very own Markus (on display), Quilts of Provence book (on display) and a Cowl shawl hand-knitted by our very own Cindy (on display)

Raffle # 7

Pasta Supply Co. Hand-knitted scarf by our very own Cindy  (on display), Photos by Steven Williams, Disney’s The Lion King tote bags (on display), Handmade pitcher   (on display), Stretch Lab, Table runner (on display) and a Gift basket (on display)

Raffle # 8

Table runner (on display), Handmade cowl by our very own Cindy (on display), Tapestry (on display), Facial by Liz , Scarf (on display) and a Kayak experience with our very own Jesi

If you would like to purchase tickets please message us at