Rev. Ken's Daily Prayer

Rev. Ken’s Daily Prayer (3/3/21)

“Hello! It is prayer time once again, and we continue with Release and Renew, our Lenten practice. Today, we have a release, and it is, ‘I release my fear of lack.’ I don’t know about you, but often, fear, the anticipation of being without or of not having enough, is worse than the experience I so dread. Not enough time, not enough resources, money, not enough love. Not getting my needs met can create a situation where I never get my needs met, because I’m in a place of unfulfilled anxiety. So, the process of release is to acknowledge that the fear, fear itself, is running the situation. So, today, we have a great opportunity to release fear, and specifically, the fear of lack. So, as we come together in this moment, we open ourselves to experiencing how fear has stymied and crippled our lives. And we open ourselves in this moment to releasing the fear of lack. We notice where we hold it, and hold it dearly, and agree with God right now to open to the infinite possibility, to the protection, the support, and the guidance of Divine spirit. That wisdom, that energy, that life force that lives within us and as us. We release fear, dread, anxiety, worry about enough. And we embrace now moment with peace, with tranquility, secure in that everything we need will be provided when we need it and as we become open to receiving. Today, we release our fear of lack, and feel the tension and stress leave our body. For this time together, and for this process, we are truly grateful, and together, we say amen. Namaste! I’ll see you again tomorrow!” (3/3/21)

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