Rev. Ken's Weekly Prayer

Rev. Ken’s Weekly Prayer

Rev. Ken’s Weekly Prayer (7/23/21)

Hi there! It is time for our prayer again, and once again in this year things are changing. What I have noticed in myself, and in a lot of people I have been speaking to, is how hard it is right now to have compassion. Compassion for people who are, for various reasons, decided not to vaccinate, and another Covid surge is starting to happen and affect all of us. I want to own for myself that that’s true. That my normal empathy and compassion are not being triggered like they have been for other groups. Because of my own biases, because of my own prejudice, and because of my own exhaustion. That if you are anything like me, you might be experiencing some of the same.

I heard a story this week on the new of a young man in Alabama that was in the hospital with Covid, and he was really sick. A young man in his 20s. He had to be intubated. Before he was intubated the doctor was holding his hand, and he was scared. He was begging the doctor to give him the vaccination, and she had to say to him, “Sorry. It’s too late,” and then they both had to put him on a respirator. I don’t know what happened to

the young man. I don’t know if he made it or didn’t, but the story certainly made my heart go out to him, and we have all made wrong decisions in our lives and not have to pay the ultimate price for them.

So let’s take this moment to pray for ALL beings on the planet, no exceptions and no exclusions, and pray for the wisdom and grace to get through this time with love. With empathy. With compassion. I invite you to get comfortable, to allow my words to become your words, and to know with me that we are in presence of Divine being. We are one with the eternal spirit that we call God, Source, Love, Life, Universe, Jesus, Holy Father. We come to you this day humble, and seek love and compassion for ourselves, and for all beings. We open our minds to the eternal truth that each and every one of us is your beloved. We come to be purified, we stand here imperfect, and know we come from the perfect source. So as we navigate this year, this disease, this life, we ask that you sear our consciousness with the awareness of your love, your grace, your compassion, and your strength; for it is one with us. I am reminded of the words fo scripture, “Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be open.” And so we seek, ask, and know the love that is the truth of our being.

And so it is. Amen. Namaste!

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