Rev. Ken's Weekly Prayer

A Prayer for Forgiveness

Hello and welcome back! It is prayer time once again, and today I’d like to offer us a prayer for forgiveness. That illusive and necessary step in our own personal healing and spiritual journey.

So I invite you to get comfortable, and to allow my words to become your words. To let the chair hold you. To let the building surround you. To be comforted. For in this place we look within and notice where we are holding resentment and anger; where we are locked in unforgiveness and chained to pain from the past. We notice that we have been here before, and we are continuing to re-live and to hold that hurt. With compassion, and with understanding, we forgive ourselves first. Forgive ourselves for any part we have had in this journey, and forgive ourselves for taking the we needed to be able to release. Forgive. So in this moment we acknowledge what happened, and we also acknowledge the pain and the hurt it has caused, so that we can forgive. Give of ourselves. 

Let go of the past. For a brighter future, for a brighter tomorrow. We can give for something else. We forgive those who have hurt us. We forgive those who have forgotten us. We forgive those who intentionally or unintentionally neglected us and our needs. We open ourselves to the infinite possibilities of a vibrant future. A future not bound by lack and limitation, a future not held back by resentment or fear.

Today we move into the infinite possibility of a live lived in peace and harmony. A life filled free from resentment. A life that we are meant to live. Today we give forgiveness for ourselves and for a bright future for all.

And so it is. So we let it be. Amen.

Namaste! I will see you soon.