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A Prayer for MLK Day

This idea that we keep marching on until the victory is won. Amen. We keep marching on. We keep going forward. Even sitting in place, we open ourselves in this moment, in this time and place, to knowing a deeper truth, a higher calling. We open ourselves to the truth of our past, the pain of our ancestors, the vision of what could be, because what could be is what exists within us.

So right here and right now today, we call upon that power, that presence, the One with the Divine, right now within us. To be known, to be seen, to give voice we lift ever voice and sing. We life every voice and claim from the mountain top, “Today is the day we shift the planet.” For today is the day that we shift our own consciousness, our own understanding, and treat each and every being with love and respect. No differences. No exclusions. We honor the wholeness in each Divine expression. We honor the possibility in each Divine life. We celebrate the uniqueness of our light, of each light, and today we

open ourselves to the wholeness and the truth of that love, for if God is love, we are the conduit. We are the way that love is transported, felt, and experienced.

So today we offer no resistance. We are open and receptive to be the channel, the conduit of Divine Love.

And so it is. Amen. Namaste!