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Being that Service is a critical element of our Vision Statement and Core Values, which state, “We experience personal growth and self-realization as we intentionally give of our time, talent, and treasure in service to our community and our world,” Unity San Francisco prides itself on our strong commitment to serving the community as we work to create a world that works for everyone – no exceptions.  Thus, we believe that active outreach to those less fortunate than ourselves is a critical part of our ministry.  To that end, there are many local organizations with which we partner to support our surrounding neighborhood, and our community mounts multiple initiatives throughout the year to raise funds and collect goods.

Local Partner Organizations

Urban Angels San Francisco

Community member and Prayer Chaplain Nelson Barry and his team of friends, neighbors, coworkers, fellow church community members, and many others started Urban Angels San Francisco in the summer of 2016.  Together, they raised funds so that they could bring hot burritos directly to those living on the streets, and over the course of several years, they have grown substantially.  To date, they have handed out over 2,000 burritos to those most in need.

Once the word spread that Urban Angels San Francisco was also accepting clothing, blankets, and tents, donations began pouring in – and as a result, the organization has also handed out over 10,000 blankets and articles of clothing in just two years.  With its growing corps of volunteers, they are on track to double the number of hot meals that they have handed out and triple their delivery of clothing in one year alone.


Urban Angels San Francisco

With their unique “one-on-one” program, volunteers work individually with clients to help them take advantage of the many governmental, NGO, charity, and individual resources designed to transition them from living on the streets to permanent housing.  Through this one-on-one program, Urban Angels San Francisco’s leadership works in conjunction with volunteers to shepherd specific candidates who are currently living on the streets through the intimidating process of qualifying for assistance to acquire permanent housing.

For more information about Urban Angels San Francisco, please visit their website by clicking the button below.

Unity Vision: The Ministry of Karen Ray

Unity Vision

Since 2005, Unity San Francisco community member Karen Ray has actively volunteered with Room to Read, a nonprofit that builds libraries and schools for impoverished children in dveloping countries.  Through her work with Room to Read, she engages in sitework in Africa and Asia, and recently participated in the organizations 10-year anniversary trip to Nepal, where they opened their 10,000th library.

As her commitment to service with Room to Read deepened, so, too, did her involvement in ministry.  Recently, she set her sights on restoring eyesight in India – and Unity San Francisco has joined the cause.  Through Unity Vision, Unity San Francisco and Karen Ray are partnering to bring eyesight to men, women, and children in rural India.  On Sunday, July 7th, 2019, our comunity was grateful to tithe $10,000 to Unity Vision, taking the biblical injunction seriously in our mission to ensure that the blind shall see.

In donating to Unity Vision, 100% of all donations will go directly to supporting this phenomenal service effort.  Just $10 will provide glasses and eye examinations for a child who cannot see, and a donation of $100 will provide the gift of sight through cataract surgery.

Click on the button below and select “Unity Vision” from the drop-down box to share our Unity Vision with the world!

In-House Fundraising and Outreach

Teddy Bears for Foster Children

During the month of February, our community collects new stuffed animals to be given to children who are being removed from their homes and taken into Child Protective Services.  These toys are lovingly held and infused with love throughout the month during our Sunday Services.  At the end of the month, they are given to the Family Court of San Francisco as a comfort to children suffering from the emotional trauma of being separated from their families.

Diaper Drive

Several times throughout the year, Unity San Francisco collects diapers.