Rev. DeeAnn's Blog: The Untethered Soul

Introduction: Journey Beyond Yourself

Books have a way of showing up in my life just when I most need them.  The Untethered Soul found me during a very transformative time.  My life had fallen apart a few years prior and I was slowly rebuilding.  It was a challenging time, as I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to build or how to actually build it.  Immersed in New Thought teachings, I was anchoring my transformation in Spiritual Principle.  I could sense the freedom that was calling me, but quite honestly, I was sometimes frustrated with all the “not knowing.”

This book arrived at the perfect moment.  With insight and mastery, it supported my desire to deepen my practice, to live a more authentic life, and concretely helped me to move past fears, doubts, and worries.  It gently and compassionately led me both towards myself and beyond myself.  It supported me through a time of profound transition, where I truly had no idea what was coming next and yearned to create something completely new and different.

In the midst of this pandemic, as we shelter in place and navigate this liminal space, I see The Untethered Soul as the perfect antidote for these extraordinary times.  While our capacity to journey forth in the world is curtailed, our capacity to journey within and beyond beckons us forward.  This book is an invitation to journey beyond your small self and into an embodied experience of your True Nature.

The weekly Small Group Salons are designed to be a place to gather, connect, support, and share wisdom for a journey beyond our small selves, our small understanding.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Abundant Light and Laughter!