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Unity’s 5 Core Principles

There is only One Presence and One Power active as the Universe and in my life: God.

God is all that there is, everywhere present and the absolute good in everything.  This transcendent God is not an old man watching from a cloud, showering us with blessings or discipline when the mood strikes, but the field of intelligence, love, and creative energy in which we live.  We can never be separate from the Divine Presence.

We are Divinity in expression, and therefore we are inherently good.

Like a wave is made wholly of the ocean, we are made wholly of God.  Divinity is our True Identity.

We create with our thoughts and beliefs.

We create our reality through thoughts held in mind.  Drawing from an unlimited field of possibility, or God-Mind, we create our experience by where we place our focus and belief.

Through prayer and meditation, we align our heart-mind with God.

Affirmative Prayer is a process of creative thinking that heightens and aligns our mind’s connection with God-Mind, and through that greater alignment, brings forth greater wholeness, abundant good, and enhancement of our life purpose and our full spiritual expression.  Thus, prayer is not seen as a technique for changing and persuading God, but for expanding and changing our minds.

Through thoughts, words, and actions, we live in the Truth we know.

Unity emphasizes practical spirituality – that is, the importance of actually applying and demonstrating Truth Principles in our daily thoughts and actions.  Reading, studying, and discussing these principles is inspiring, but these acts alone are not enough.  We believe that we must walk our talk daily as we practice our faith and release judgment of ourselves and others.