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Week 1: I Am Not The Voices In My Head – I Am Light

Those voices in my head!  They sure feel like me, but are they, really?  They are certainly comfortable and familiar, even if they can be unpleasant and painful.  Arising from my life experiences and the world that shaped me, they are rooted in my humanness.  Yet, I have come to understand that I am larger – I Am Light, Love, Compassion.  I am Divinity defined.  So who, or perhaps what am I really?  It is a delicious paradox.

In Unity, we know how powerful it is to shift the tenor of our voices to affirming and supportive.  Through attention and intention, we have the power to acknowledge, heal, and shift old patterns of thoughts and beliefs.  Our voices speak to us differently when we are anchored in Spiritual Principle.  Yet, the question I am sitting with right now is this: Who am I beyond these voices – even the supportive and affirming ones?

All of which feels like an open invitation to dive anew into my Divine Nature, to spend time with the I Am, the Knower that Knows, the One who Hears – from beginner’s mind.  I know what I thought I knew… in fact, my voices assure me of that!  What more is there for me to step into?  What else is possible?

Abundant Life and Laughter!

Rev. DeeAnn


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