When things get out of control and move at lightning speed, it is often best to slow down and go back to basics in order to remember our principles and training. Returning to basics is what all major athletes do, what performers train to execute, and what metaphysicians instinctively know to do in times such as these. 
With the pandemic, the economy, our politics, and numerous other global crises, what better choice is there than to remember the Truth of who we are and who we are here to be.  
Luckily, we have many ways we can do this together. This Sunday, we start a five-week talk series on the Five Unity Principles, with a companion class taught by Dave Cooperberg. Then, Absolute Abundance – First Steps with DeeAnn Wier Morency on Tuesday nights. Finally, on Wednesday, we begin our journey into profound abundance with my new course, A Year of Abundance!  
Join us as we go back to basics and upwards to our vibrant future.