I know that if you look back on the achievements in your life, you will see that every one of them happened due to your commitment and action. Each success is a series of small steps culminating in what appears to be a breakthrough. Baby steps are not small for the baby! They are a life-changing achievement. A baby learning to walk is a milestone moment, achieved by adding up small actions. When you commit to tithing your time, talent, and treasure, you are taking some of those baby steps and substantial concrete steps that will lead to the manifestation of your dreams. 
True abundance contains: 
  • Healthy Relationships 
  • Vibrant Health 
  • Work You Love, 
  • Leisure Time, 
  • Ample Financial Resources 
And many more, this Sunday, we will begin our 5-week journey into the secrets of An Abundant Life. So commit to join us for this series and sign up for the New Flight Abundance Class starting this Sunday!